Contest Winners

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The results are in and we are pleased to announce the winners of the Annual Animation Challenge.

First a special thanks to our judges who took time out of their crazy studio schedules, short film projects, and their own personal lives to represent a rock star judging panel!

Ethan Hurd
Carlos Baena
Chris Hurtt
Derek Friesenborg

Thank you very much!

And now the winners:

1st Place
Erica Pinto
2nd Place
Brandon Beckstead

3rd Place
Nathan Glemboski

Honorable Mention I
Dapun Rai Dewan
Honorable Mention II
Ricard Castany

Member Choice Award: Unfortunately during our voting validation period we discovered several cases of “suspect” voting and falsification. As a result we have removed the Member Choice voting from the contest. All of the comments from member choice voting have been maintained and you can view those comments by logging in and visiting the gallery. We were hoping to sponsor a few more contests throughout the year based on member choice votes, but will have to revisit the voter validation process prior to doing so.

All winners will be contacted in the next two weeks at their registered email address for various documentation and follow up.

Thank you to all those that participated and sent feedback. We are working away to make the next contest even better.

We will be putting all entires into our YouTube Gallery for future viewing.


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